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January 19, 2021

On the 11 January 2021 members of the BHRA Committee held a Zoom meeting with PC Martin Locke and PC Justine Bird The purpose of the meeting was to understand the policing priorities for the central Bristol area and to update the police on the current concerns of residents.

PC Bird outlined the area that they are responsible for. This is broadly Hotwells, Cumberland Basin and Cumberland road areas extending up to The Triangle and including Brandon Hill. They are interested in our observations regarding the issues both on the street and in the park.

Members of the Committee were able to outline some of the issues that give rise to most concerns for residents. The Police were able to confirm that they are aware of the issue as a result of reports already made by residents and other interested parties (such as the school). Our first hand observations were helpful in giving colour to the evidence being collected.

Whilst emergencies should continue to be reported to 999, and other crimes via 101, PC Locke confirmed he would be pleased to receive any further contextual information directly to his e-mail at This can then be used to build an evidence bank and be passed on to the relevant specialist policing areas.

We also discussed how the Police are approaching enforcement of the current COVID lockdown. They have been given access to additional resources to support their work in this area. They do not view reports of multi household gatherings in the Park as a waste of Police time and they are keen to hear about these.

The Committee thanked the Police for making time for this meeting and for their continuing efforts to maintain a visible presence on Queens Parade, York Place, Brandon Steep and within the Park.


December 1, 2020

With the more rapid growth of e-commerce following Covid, our local post office has been getting very busy. To reduce the number of people in the small store, the post office counter is currently closed during lunchtime from 12-1pm. The current post office opening hours are 10am to 12pm and 1pm to 3pm, Monday to Saturday, but please check this Royal Mail page for the local post office for updates.


Nov 12, 2020

Our local mobile coffee van is hibernating for the winter as the girls were getting a little cold up on the hill. However, they are hoping to be returning in the Spring, council permitting, and we hope to see them again soon as their cakes and coffees are devine.


November 9, 2019

After ten years in the role of Chair of the Association, Jonathan Hyams has stepped down, although he will remain as as a member of the Committee if members so wish. In his place, the Committee have appointed Paul Shelley of 14 Queens Parade and he takes over on 1st November. There will be an opportunity shortly for all members who wish to thank Jonathan for his work over the past decade and to welcome Paul and wish him success in the role.


March 5, 2021

The Association is saddened to hear that Bristol City Council has decided to close St George Church of England Primary School. Over the years many children of residents have attended the school and we wish the current staff and pupils well as they move to the new school on St Michaels Hill.

The Association looks forward to engaging with all relevant parties on the future of the site and hopes that any development is conducted responsibly to ensure both the architectural integrity and the character of the area are retained.


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