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Queens Parade is in the Central Parking Zone, which means that residents permits are limited to a small number of roads close to the registered home address, and that waiting times for permits can be long. The BHRA has been in touch with Bristol City Council about residents' difficulties in obtaining parking permits, but are still waiting for updates. Meanwhile, please park considerately to allow as many residents as possible to make use of the limited spaces. There are no visitor permits but visitors can park using the meter or the RingGo app (Code 2742).

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Weekly collection days are Wednesday for black bags and black bins, and Thursday for all recycling items. Variations due to public holidays can be found on the Bristol City Council website. Ideally please avoid putting black bin bags out overnight as seagulls, squirrels and foxes will empty them on the hunt for food. The brown food recycling boxes are the best option for anything that might attract local critters. It's also a neat way to create bio-fuel and do our bit towards the environment.



The Brandon Hill Resident Association members are elected to serve for one year and can be re-elected at the subsequent AGM. There is no limit on the length of time they can serve. There are currently six members: CHAIR Paul Shelley (No. 14 Queens Parade), SECRETARY Maggie Weber (No. 10 Queens Parade), TREASURER Joseph Ottewill (No. 13 Queens Parade), Matthew Griffith (No. 9 Queens Parade), Mike Birkin (No. 6 Queens Parade), and Tom Watts (No. 4 Queens Parade). Nominations for committee members are always welcome and will be put to the AGM each March. Representation from streets other than Queens Parade and from non-owner-occupiers would be especially welcomed. Meetings are held around 4 times per year. Fore more info, see About



Clements News on St. George's Road is a corner shop, news agent and post office that is open 6 days a week. The shop opening times are Monday - Friday: 6:30am -  7:30pm, Satuday 7:30am - 5:30pm, and closed on Sundays. The post office opening hours are usually 10am - 3pm, although these hours can change due to Covid. Check the Royal Mail page for St George's Road Post Office for the latest hours.



BHRA is pleased to have St George Primary School as a Neighbour and over the years many residents children have benefited from receiving a great start to their education at the School. The future of the School is currently under review as a result of falling roles but we hope that the site can continue to be used in support of local children. For more info, visit the school web site at

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These are builders and other household contractors who local residents have used and recommend:

  • Paul Hooper (central heating): 07973 178239

  • Andy Rowsell (internal & external decorations): 07748517423

  • Sam Gott (Electrician): 07463 285085

  • Steve Pitts (Heating & plumbing): 07765 408045

  • Matt carpenter & general handyman: 07885 548909



Parking of contractors' vehicles

We have had it confirmed from Traffic Management and Parking Services that in certain circumstances vehicles belonging to contractors working on our properties may in fact park for free in the parking bays. This information is provided in good faith and we do not take any responsibility for its accuracy or for any consequences. However, we suggest you fill in your address, put in the date and print this document to be displayed in any contractor vehicle window. Download the parking document by clicking here.

Police Car Lights


Parks and city centres are open and public places for everybody, but this can also attract less desirable activities. To report crime and anti-social behaviour, please report non-emergencies to 101 as this will help focus police resources on this area. To contact our local beat officers, visit the Local Beat Police Officer Website where you can email local police officers directly and view local crime statistics. 



While the above graffiti is almost definitely attributable to Banksy, graffiti by less popular artists can be reported to the Council, which has a graffiti removal team. This is their dedicated website for reporting graffiti:

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Fix My Street is the council's reporting tool for anything that may need fixing in the street (e.g. cracked pavement, broken Pay & Display machine, etc.). To request a repair, please fill in the short form at