BHRA prepares Heritage Statement for annex to St George Primary School

The Dioceses of Bristol are in the process of marketing the site of what was the annex to St George Church of England Primary School. This important historical site sits opposite a key gateway into Brandon Hill from the Harbourside area. The sensitive nature of the site and its relationship both with Brandon Hill and the adjoining Grade II listed Terraces of Queens Parade and York Place will make any future development challenging.

We have prepared a document to highlight some of the issues that will be relevant to the development of this site. These include;

  • retaining sight lines above and through the site so as views from Brandon Hill across Bristol to St Mary Redcliff and hills in the distance are maintained;

  • impact on Grade II listed Queens Parade;

  • impact on Grade II listed York Place;

  • making best use of the locally listed historic buildings on the site;

  • retaining existing privacy of gardens and rear aspects of Queens Parade.

A copy of the current draft can be downloaded from this website (see below). Residents look forward to engaging with any purchaser of the site to ensure their plans are appropriate for the site and in line with the needs and aspirations of the community.

210712 St G School Heritage Statement Draft +pics.docx
Download PDF • 1.10MB

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